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London Riots 2011 in Pictures

More than 700 people have been charged with violence and looting for more than four days of unprecedented street violence. It is one of the worst riots in Britain history which shook the country last week. Authorities announced that they would maintain emergency policing levels through the week end and beyond if necessary.
Images are selected from AFP and Getty Images.

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Apple’s iPad 2 – Features, Photos and Specifications

The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. The iPad 2 was released internationally in 25 other countries on March 25, 2011, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
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Updated Version of CityVille Hometown for iPhone and iPad

An updated version of Zynga’s CityVille Hometown! is now available for download for your iPad and iPhone.

Help a cast of delightful characters, follow their stories, and be rewarded with special items. Watch your town come to life with a wide assortment of houses, businesses, and fantastic decorations! Name your businesses and residents to make your town unique.

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iPhone 6 Concept Leaked Expected Design

After the release of much awaited Apple’s iPhone 5, people are waiting anxiously for the upcoming iPhone 6 which may change the overall looks of iPhone series. According to latest press release, most people are assuming that the new phone will have a see through body, in other words a transparent iPhone 6, which makes sense if you see the latest patent applied by Apple. See through or not, the new iPhone 6 Release would be a big news for sure…


iphone 6 pro concept
iPhone 6 conceptual design
iPhone 6 best conceptual image


iPhone 6


iPhone 6 patent
iPhone 6 patent, as applied by Apple



iPhone 6 facebook



iPhone 6 concept


 Probably the best iPhone 6 conceptual image





Tell us what do think and how cool iPhone 6 would be if its transparent. Let us know your thoughts in comments.

Barcelona Champions League 2011 Winners

Barcelona wins their 4th Champions League final in class by Beating Manchested Uniter 3-1 at Wembley. Goal scorers were P. Rodriguez, W. Rooney, L. Messi and D. Villa.






















































































Rare white Kiwi hatches

Wellington – A white kiwi chick was born at a New Zealand wildlife centre, the first of its kind to hatch in captivity, a news report said on Tuesday.

The chick – named Manukura, which means “of chiefly status” in the Maori language – hatched at the Pukaha Mount Bruce centre, 130km north of Wellington, from an egg laid by a normal brown kiwi transferred from an island.

The wildlife centre engages in a species conservation programme that takes kiwis from the wild to breed chicks that are then hand-reared before being returned to their natural habitat when they are old enough to keep themselves safe from predators.

The chicks are normally released when they weigh about 1kg, Chris Lester, area manager with the Department of Conservation, told the New Zealand Press Association. He said extra care would need to be taken with Manukura because he could be more vulnerable in the bush.

“As far as we know, this is the first all-white chick to be hatched in captivity,” said Bob Francis, chair of the centre’s board, which is keen for as many visitors as possible to see it when it is weighed and fed daily.