iPhone 6 Concept Leaked Expected Design

After the release of much awaited Apple’s iPhone 5, people are waiting anxiously for the upcoming iPhone 6 which may change the overall looks of iPhone series. According to latest press release, most people are assuming that the new phone will have a see through body, in other words a transparent iPhone 6, which makes sense if you see the latest patent applied by Apple. See through or not, the new iPhone 6 Release would be a big news for sure…


iphone 6 pro concept
iPhone 6 conceptual design
iPhone 6 best conceptual image


iPhone 6


iPhone 6 patent
iPhone 6 patent, as applied by Apple



iPhone 6 facebook



iPhone 6 concept


 Probably the best iPhone 6 conceptual image





Tell us what do think and how cool iPhone 6 would be if its transparent. Let us know your thoughts in comments.

18 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Concept Leaked Expected Design”

  1. i went from the evo 4g 3d to the iphone 4, i have also had the thunderbolt 4g, apple has the best OS and is faster than sprint and verizon 4g, why? A4 ship, thats all there is to it. android users will never get the OS speed and smoothness of apple OS. period. so yes, ill give up my 8mp camera, (that is worse the the iphone4’s rear facing camera) and the symbol 4g for a smoother, better phone.

  2. i hope its full screen, and the home button is not long, but sadia you is out yo mind cause blackberries are the ugliest phone. Sadia your comment is a complete failure!!!
    i dont know you but i can tell you dont have any sence of style mawsetta!!!! but anyway i cant wait for the iphone 5..

  3. cant wait for the iphone 5. tired of having sprint which is my favorite provider, and not having the best phone for it which is the iphone. not quite sure how the look could be too much better than the iphone 4. but its iphone right?

  4. It’s very good Technology God Bless Steve Jobs, Apple is the best.
    and i will buy an I phone as soon as the new I phone 5 Being release.

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