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iPad Retina Wallpaper Pack

If you’ve purchased an Apple’s iPad with its stunning Retina display with 3.1 million pixels fit into just 9.7″ of screen chances are that you will surely be needing a Ratina Wallpaper for this amazing Apple device.

Here we have collected some of the beautiful iPad retina wallpaper pack, hope you enjoy and apply these wallpapers on your iPad.

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How Would the New iPad HD / iPad 3 Look Like

The Apple iPad 2 has been out for almost a year now, so it’s time to say hello to iPad 3 or iPad HD, if new rumours are to be believed. Apple this week officially sent out invites for its March 7 iPad event, means tomorrow, telling invitees that the company has “something you really have to see. And touch.”

It’s all but certain that the iPad 3 or iPad HD will have a better screen than the iPad or iPad 2. Most rumors point to a Retina display, similar to what’s found on the iPhone 4/4S. The iPad HD version will reportedly have a 2048×1024 resolution, twice that of the iPad 2?s screen.

Consensus says the iPad HD / iPad 3 will run the new A6 processor, which will be significantly faster than the A5 CPU found in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, and use less power, which would help in the battery life department.

One of the best reasons to buy the iPhone 4S is its fantastic 8-megapixel rear-facing camera. And it seems increasingly likely that Apple will upgrade this lens in the iPad HD.

A variety of reports suggest that Apple plans to make its first 4G LTE-enabled device the iPad HD or iPad 3.

It’s essentially guaranteed that the iPad 3 will come loaded with iOS 5.1, beta versions of which have been available to developers for some time. So far, the upgrade to iOS 5 offers nothing much new.

References to the iPad HD have also been found in a data usage application called Taptalk, although the guys from Gizmodo do point out that this data can be doctored.
We suspect that the iPad 3 will end up being called the iPad HD, as this will allow Apple to continue to sell the existing iPad 2 as simply the iPad at a lower price than the new model which will be announced next week. (Gizmodo)

Apple’s iPad 2 – Features, Photos and Specifications

The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. The iPad 2 was released internationally in 25 other countries on March 25, 2011, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
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