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Fast & Furious Star Paul Walker – Always in Our Heart

Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker, who got his start on television with stints on The Young and the Restless, Who’s the Boss and Highway to Heaven as well as the short-lived syndicated sitcom Throb, has died following a single car accident outside Los Angeles. He was 40.

Paul Walker played a leading role in the six-film action series about illegal street racing, which has become one of the most successful in cinema history after grossing more than $2 billion (£1.2 billion)

Paul Walker is always remember in our hearts….












Audi A9 Concept Car

The Audi A9 Concept Car Repairs Itself, Changes Body Color!

This is Audi A9 concept from the reputed Spanish designer Daniel Garcia who has Ducati 6098 R concept and many other to his credit.

Daniel’s A9 concept is a low emission hybrid vehicle for the future. A9 concept features a single-piece windscreen and its roof is formed from nanotechnology material that has a unique automatic-system that repairs damage and can also be adjusted for colors and opacity.

Also, the vehicle flaunts the unique ‘electronic painting’ system that allows the owner to change the color with the touch of a button. The concept is proposed to be powered by an advanced hybrid setup which uses an internal combustion engine working in conjunction with four in-wheel electric motors. Some Audi A9 car photos are available below……..













Lamborghini Reventon

The Lamborghini Reventón is a mid-engine sports car that debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is the most expensive Lamborghini road car to date, costing two million dollars. Its top recorded speed was recorded in Dubai, UAE at 356 kilometres per hour (221.2 mph). The official press release stated that only 20 vehicles would be sold to the public, with one additional car (marked as 0/20) produced for the Lamborghini Museum. Although early rumors indicated the total number would actually be 100, each Reventón is clearly stamped with its number in the sequence of 20 between the driver’s and passenger’s seats.

Despite the exterior being new, almost all the mechanical elements (including the engine) are sourced directly from the Murciélago LP640. According to the official press release, the Reventón exterior styling was inspired by “the fastest airplanes”.To emphasize this, Lamborghini staged a race between a Reventón and a Panavia Tornado fighter plane on a 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) long runway. The Reventón was in the lead for most of the race, but the Tornado caught up “in the last few feet” of the race

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McLaren MP4-12C

As name suggest McLaren MP4-12C is sport car built by McLaren Automotive. I can say this is super sport car which will not kill you even you are not a racing car driver. It has twin turbo charged V8 engine and to some car expert V8 is polar bear engine. This engine has very low noise that why it is call polar bear engine. The most exciting thing is the aerodynamic design which is wholly design and built by McLaren.

















Lamborghini Aventador Beautiful Pictures and Wallpapers

Lamborghini Aventador is the latest release of Lamborghini Supercar series. This car can go from 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds and has reached a top speed of 217mph!

Selling for at least $374,300, this is not a car you can expect to see as a common drive car on the road. The beauty that only Lamborghini can produce is being fully shown in this master piece.

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Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo is Lamborghini’s most successful model to date, with over 10,000 built in its first seven years of production. The production of Gallardo started in 2003. It is named after a famous breed of fighting bull.

white lamborghini gallardo
credits - Premier4509

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