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20 Amazing Nature Pictures

In our beautiful world, there are thousands amazing nature places, some of them looks unreal if you see them it can confuse you, but they are real.

If we look closer and we get to know our planet we will surely fall in love with it. Here is a collection of 20 unique places that can be found on Earth, that look unreal and its hard to believe they actually exist.

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Best Pictures in June – National Geographic

Enjoy the Best pictures of June 2013 of National Geographic magazine.

Virginia deer, Arkansas

One of the most common species of cervids in North America. Interestingly, in 1920 the population of deer in Arkansas was only 200 goals. (Photo by Jeff Rose):


Comorian day gecko

These geckos are diurnal, feed mainly on insects and nectar of flowers, their color changes depending on the temperature and lighting. (Photo by Lauren Hogan):


Orda Cave

It is the world’s largest underwater gypsum cave, located in the Perm region of Russia. (Photo by Viktor Lyagushkin):

Waves and icebergs, Iceland

(Photo by Sophie Carr):


North American moth

(Photo by Graham McGeorge):


Bixby Creek Bridge, California

Bixby Creek Bridge – an engineering marvel. More than a million tourists and photographers from all over the world stop here every year to enjoy the magnificent views. (Photo by Douglas Croft):


Fisherman in Indonesia

(Photo by Dody Kusuma):


Fireworks and demons in Catalonia

(Photo by Carlos Rodriguez Pacheco):


The night sky, Patagonia

(Photo by Max Seigal):


Brown-gull, India

Last year, during a trip to the reservoir on the river Bhima, where they overwinter flamingos, the photographer said Brown-seagull gliding over the water. He pressed the camera just at the happy moment when a seagull vytsepili fish out of water. (Photo Chandrabala Singh)


Five Flower Lake, China

Heaven and earth are reflected in the lake of the five colors, fancifully colored mineral salts and water plants. The Chinese call this picture magic. “Nothing on earth can compare to Jiuzhaigou” – they say. (Photo by Michael Yamashita)



Reefs in the Pacific is very difficult to see borodavchatku – fish, the encounter that all forces should be avoided. If the poison of the spines on its back and kill you, unbearable pain is guaranteed. (Photo by Mattias Klum)


The tentacles worm-sabellida, Hawaii

With a large increase in the photo is visible network of thin hair-worm sabellida. The hairs are separated aqueous slurry into several streams that bring particles – including minerals and detritus for the protective “House” – right in the mouth of the animal. Bright colors warn predators that the worm can be poisonous. (Photo by Darlene A. Murawski)


Wolverine, Kamchatka

Even through the thick layer of snow wolverine can smell prey. Vision in this predator is bad, but hearing and smell – are excellent. (Photo by Sergey Gorshkov)


Hveravetlir, Iceland

In Hveravetlire (meaning “hot springs on the plain”) in the XVIII century in a cave hidden among the legendary Irish fugitive from the law Fyalla-Eyvindur and his wife. A few winters they warmed themselves at the source and stealing sheep to summer pastures. (Photo Orshoya and Erlen Harberga)


Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard ecosystem includes the sky, the sea and the coast. Small razorbills nest on ledges of cliffs and dive for copepods cancers. Decomposed remains of birds and their droppings are the fertilizer for moss undergrowth where foxes ambush. (Photo by Paul Nicklen)


Parson Russell Terrier, United States

Parson Russell Terrier named Lulu alight on water in the pool in the U.S. Phoenix (Ariz.). To capture the moment when she grabs a toy thrown into the water, the photographer took ten attempts, the ability to work under water and fantastic skill. (Photo by Seth Casteel)


Fox, Wrangel Island

Young foxes in the autumn begin to develop the territory and more rarely returned to the den where they were born and spent the first three months of life.(Photo by Sergey Gorshkov)

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An Exhaustive List of Most Popular Free Photo Sharing Sites

Getting that few moments of fame on the Internet is a desired by most of the netizens. Be it on YouTube or any popular image sharing website, we want our videos or photos to remain at the top. Here are some of the free photo sharing websites, which have become very popular among the users recently.



With a huge user base of 51 million registered members, Flickr is undoubtedly among the top in the list. The popularity of the site is also supported by its 80 million unique visitors uploading quality photos and videos daily. To get more personal and ensure all-time availability to its mobile users, Flickr has also launched mobile app for iOS, Windows phones, and Android smartphones.



Snapfish is a photo sharing and online printing initiative by Hewlett-Packard. Registration to the site is completely free. Users can only pay per download. The site has amazing integration to the popular social media sites, like Facebook, MySpace, and Blogger. Snapfish has an excess of 90,000,000 registered users.



One important and consistent name in the list is Picasa. An initiative of Google, Picasa image organizer, image viewer, and digital image editor, the site offers amazing compatibility across different operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux with impressive photo backup feature.



Pinterest has a unique style of photo sharing offer. The site enables the users to pin-board their images. Launched in March 2010, the site has remarkable attracted 11,700,000 registered users so far. Along with free accounts, Pinterest also invites users to create business accounts and open business pages allowing them to promote their business online.



Photobucket is the default image sharing platform for Twitter. The site is a top-notched image and video hosting website and also an online community with more than 100 million registered members, uploading more than four million photos and videos daily. Photobucket offers 2GB of storage space and 10 GB of bandwidth for sharing.


Smile by Webshots

Smile by Webshots is one of the oldest entrants in this list that came into being in 1995. Operating under brand name ‘Smile’, the site is the best example of a cloud based photo and video management and sharing platform. The services are completely free of cost for the users during the transition period.


500px (Five Hundred Pixels)

500px aka Five Hundred Pixels came in to existence in 2003. In last 3 years the website grew from a mere 1000 users to 1,500,000 users. The site gives ratings to the photos in terms of ‘Pulses’ and allows all the users a fair chance to bring their uploads the main page of the site.


The list of impressive photo and video sharing sites is growing day by day. More and more new entrants are coming to market everyday with their innovative offerings. However, at the backend, every site is supported by a robust web hosting, especially speaking, image hosting set up. Website development and web hosting has reached to it ultimate height where unique and innovative style of image and video uploading sites are coming for users’ delight.

The Breathtaking Jasper National Park – Alberta – Canada

Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, spanning 10,878 km² (4200 mi²). It is located in the province of Alberta, north of Banff National Park and west of the City of Edmonton. The park includes the glaciers of the Columbia Icefield, hot springs, lakes, waterfalls and mountains. Wildlife in the park includes elk, caribou, moose, mule deer, white-tailed deer, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, grizzly bear, black bear, beaver, Rocky Mountain pika, hoary marmot, grey wolf, mountain lion, and wolverine. It is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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Creative Photography | What Grows

Jan Von Holleben is a young and very famous and creative Photographer. At the age of 13, he followed his father’s photographic career by picking up a camera and experimenting with all sorts of “magical tricks”, developing his photographic imagination and skills with friends and family and later honing his technique in commercial settings. Jan von Holleben’s work has been exhibited internationally and published widely throughout the world and have won many awards.

You can check out some of the items he is selling here on his site.

Here are few of his creative photos showing us “What Grows”

funny beard
funny beard

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