iPad 3 Concept Designs

iPad 3 Concept Designs



Rumors indicates that iPad 3 Release Date is somewhere in September, 2011. May be iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are going to launch on the same date. These are just rumors, there is not iPhone 5 and iPad 3 official release date announced by Apple yet. But according to The Wall Street Journal, iPad 3 release date is scheduled for earlier 2012 and it will go under first trial run of high resolution retina display in October 2011.

I collected the recently released best iPad 3 concept designs for you. Let me know which one is your favorite.

iPad 3 Features Expectation

  • Retina Display: People were expecting a retina display with the iPad 2; but the iPad disappointed them with the same display of the previous iPad. Now followers are waiting for an iPad 3 with a retina display. There is a rumor that the iPad 3 may offer a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels.
  • SD Card Slot: People are expecting a revolution in Apple iPad 3 with an SD card slot. Hopefully Apple may introduce SD card slot with the third generation iPad.
  • Improved HDMI: Yes iPad 2 also supports HDMI playback but you need to have Apple digital AV adapter, and that comes at an additional cost of $39. So it is much expected from iPad 3 to have an HDMI port that eliminates additional requirement of the HDMI cable.
  • Camera Flash: A camera with flash is a much-waited feature of the iPad; people were expecting iPad 2 to have camera flash; now we would be wondering if iPad 3 will have camera with flash.
  • Thunderbolt: The iPad 3 may have a Thunderbolt port. That will offer power, video and data connectivity using the same connector at lightning speed.
  • Wireless Synchronize: People are expecting iPad 3 to offer wireless sync of content rather than the traditional wired connectivity.


  1. IPad 3 geek
    IPad 3 geek10-16-2011

    Awesome gallery of concept designs! Personally I think the last one you posted looks the nicest.

  2. Scorpio3579

    The concept from G.M.Schasiepen(the last one and the fifth) is my favourite!
    This concept is the only good one of these and it’s the
    best Ipad design I’ve ever seen! much much better than Ipad 1 and 2!!

    • Visit Site
      Visit Site07-18-2012

      Those rendition are really good. I wonder what future Apple products will look like.

  3. Tristan

    I like the last one, and the one with curved glass. But. I don’t wanna have an iPad that rocks like a rOcking horse, by making it flat like the newer one but being curved at the edges, I would be ok with it.

  4. Emily

    Is the ipad 3 already out in america then ???

  5. ipad simcard
    ipad simcard03-12-2012

    At last, love the new sleek design, I have seen that the iphone 5 will also be bigger in screen dimensions cutting out the big outer borders.

    Can’t wait to get it!



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