VoIP vs. Regular Phone Service: Which is better if you Work From Home?

VoIP VS regular phone service is a big debate when it comes to working from home. It’s imperative to have reliable phone service when you are working from home. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is a very reliable service AND it is less expensive than traditional phone service. However, there are some concerns that you should consider.


Regular phone service is likely more reliable but it can be a lot more expensive. You can easily pay less than $20 a year for a VoIP service but can easily pay more than that each MONTH for traditional home phone service. The magicJack VoIP app has earned quite the reputation as being the best VoIP phone service, largely because it offers high-quality calling for an extremely affordable rate. As a matter of fact the cost of having a landlines phone can run you into the hundreds of dollars each year.

Some Concerns

VoIP is still a relatively new technology and there may be some concerns about calls being dropped and of course if your internet access goes down than you will be stuck without phone service. Ultimately it really depends on whether or not you have very reliable internet service as to whether you will have very reliable VoIP.

Consider the Bundle Factor

Many cable and satellite companies’ offer bundled packages where you can get cable/satellite, home phone and internet for one monthly price. In many cases it is actually cheaper to get all three services at once than it is to get the services Ala carte.

If you consider that home phone service from your cable or satellite provider is likely more reliable than VoIP and can be bundled with other communications and media services it may be worth the few extra dollars that it will cost every month.


Overall what you want to do is to consider carefully what is most important to you, is it more important to have reliable service that you know is a standalone service. In other words if your internet goes down can you manage without a phone until it comes back up?

If you cannot manage without a phone and you have to always be able to take calls whether your internet is up or not than VoIP is not worth the savings cost to you. If you can manage without a phone, should your internet service be interrupted for whatever reason, then VoIP may be a good cost savings option for you.  Choose wisely; saving money may be important but not at the risk of losing business because your phone service is down.

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