iPhone 5 August Splash

There are many rumors that iPhone 5 would eventually release in August 2012. Last year there were two iPhone models released, one was iPhone 4 and then shortly after iPhone 4S, which lead to people thinking that there is another iPhone coming at Christmas, but it wasn’t to be so. Whether the iPhone 5 comes this August or later this year, there are always some conceptual pictures of how would the iPhone 5 be like? Lets analyze in these pictures….

iPhone 5 Release

 iPhone 5 could feature a wider screen taking all the free space on the sides.


Conceptual Design of iPhone 5 – Designed by ITEM


Upcoming iPhone 5 to be the slimmest iPhone ever released (Analyzed by many experts)

Updates confirm that iPhone 5 is to be released in August 2012, but can be delayed up to October.


iPhone 5 concept design






iPhone 5

 Comparison between iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.

White conceptual iPhone 5

This time, Apple may change the overall shape of iPhone 5 from all previous iPhone models by introducing something new and unique.

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