The Amazing Socotra Island

Socotra Island is one of the Most Amazing Places on Earth. It is the biggest Island in Arabian sea and Indian Ocean. It is governed by Yemen and you can reach it from Yemen easily.

The most amazing facts about this Socotra is its Weird Trees. This place is a mini earth or a mini alien planet, because you will find the most amazing plants here, you will not find such plants and trees any place else. This island has it all, Desert, Mountains, Beaches, Coral Reefs, Sharks, Caves and best of all, the breath taking scenery.

This place is a must visit for adventurers, we leave you wil some amazing breathtaking photos from Socotra Island.

socotra-landscape by Pablo Costa (Picasa)


Socotra Landscape
Socotra Island Weird Trees
camel-socotra-island by Sergei Reoutov

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