20 Creative Business Cards

When on an occassion, do not miss any opportunity to promote your design business, always bring some business cards along. Who knows you might meet some potential clients when you’re having dinner with your friends or when attending some wedding party. At least when the chance presents itself, we will be ready to promote ourselves a little and show what we do by giving a nice business card.

If you’re planning to make your own business card and you don’t have any idea/inspirations? Here’s a showcase of 20 Creative Print Business Cards Designs to enhance more your creativity and get inspired.

by Blue Bird Design


by Design Ranch


by: Humanot

by Sorin Bechira and Adrian Labos


by Malota Projects



by Sliced Orange


by Kathleen Losche


by Kristina Miletieva


by The Mandate Press

by JS3 Design


by Light PLague


by Michael Strauss


by Design Ranch

by Laurie Demartino

by Depux

by Nothing Something

by Interrobang Design

by Justin Ninneman

by Studio On Fire

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