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Google Doodle and Women’s Importance

March 8, around the world on International Women’s Day, people will be taking part in various initiatives to highlight efforts to improve the lives of girls and women, and to celebrate the numerous achievements for women, health and equality.

Google is known for promoting special events with Google Doodle. The few important Doodle’s from past few months are shown in this post.

International Women’s Day 2012:

The Doodle replaces their standard search logo with a simple illustration that forms Google’s “G” with the female gender sign. The second “o” is a yellow flower, while the first “o” and the “e” are reminiscent of the bindi, a symbol associated with Indian women.

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World’s Most Powerful Women

A fresh list of Wold’s 100 most powerful women list was released by Forbes which contains mostly Politicians, CEOs, bankers, cultural icons, billionaires and entrepreneurs. Lets have a look…

Angela Merkel
1. Angela Merkel - Chancellor - Germany (Politician)


2. Hillary Clinton - Secretary of State - US (politician)


Dilma Rousseff
3. Dilma Rousseff- President - Brazil (politics)


Indra Nooyi
4. Indra Nooyi - CEO - PepsiCo - US (business)


Sheryl Sandberg
5. Sheryl Sandberg - COO - Facebook - US (business)


6. Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda French Gates (non - profit)


7. Sonia Gandhi - President - Indian National Congress Party (politics)


8. Michelle Obama - First Lady - US (politics)


9. Christine Lagarde - Managing Director IMF - France (non profit)


10. Irene Rosenfeld - CEO Kraft Foods - US (business)