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Hong Kong from Top – Photography Pics

Hong Kong – a city situated on more than 200 islands and on the Kowloon Peninsula. Territory to stay in Hong Kong is quite a bit, and a lot of people’s lives – more than 7 million, according to official statistics. Sky in Hong Kong can be seen only if you raise your head, or go to the waterfront. But, despite the fact that Hong Kong – a real cheloveynik, it would be desirable to return again and again.

Following are pictures of Hong Kong from height……
















At the exit from the aircraft in Hong Kong the first thing you feel is hot and humid air. With the weather in Hong Kong it’s bad. Frequent rains, poor visibility and the habit seems stuffy. They say to catch a stable good weather, it is necessary to come in the fall, and we were in the winter and spring. Poor visibility due not only to the bad weather, on a clear day the nearby beach will also be in the haze. Hong Kong is surrounded in smog, as well as the whole of China. The reason for this production, located in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. And, as if it did not look ridiculous on weekends and holidays could descends because “plants are.”

Despite the fact that Hong Kong is a dependent territory of China, Hong Kong at its visa policy and its laws. Until 2047 in Hong Kong wide autonomy, so long as it is weakly similar to the rest of China. Drive on the left here, dress up all the way, speak two languages ​​(English and Chinese), its own currency, and so on. in Hong Kong is very expensive hotels as well.