Modern Advanced Future Houses

Modern Advanced Future Houses



As the world advances into a new era of technology, this has to be reflected on modern day houses. Many of the new houses adopt these technologies, especially in areas like Australia and Canada, who are more peaceful countries and where natural disasters are very rare.
Many architects and people are building some amazing houses with new technology in mind such as WiFi and a Big Room for LCD. One thing is noticed among all these houses is that how much clean they are and how much more space they contain.
Most of the advanced houses are now automated, like moving pools. Auto lighting with variations according to the time etc. We bring you few pics of Future Houses. Hope you enjoy them.

His and Hers separate wash basins with special LCD inbetween the two mirrors

Special bathtub with waterproof LCD

Special see through window with auto clean and one button mode Tinted mode

Under floor heating and auto cooling to maintain balance

Movable pool and Auto lighting

Hanging Fireplace

Cinema type LCD room

Fully advanced home with small sockets for latest WiFi and other devices.

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  1. Quinton

    Hi I applaud all these designs and love what has been done. That being said I could design a house that would make these seem stone age if given the chance. Might sound arrogant but its the truth

    • Nadeem

      Humans have an unbelievable creative mind…

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