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Wedding Dress Trends for Brides

Whats in? Whats New? Wedding Dress Trend? What fits on me? So many question you ask your self and search on internet and on boutiques. All these are important but to me most important is what suits your body. Wedding Dresses trend is almost same for last few years, still some modifications by top designers to give bridal dress new look here some new dresses are.

Gown with High Neck

Bridal Dresses
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Eid Mehndi Designs

Eid Mehndi Designs has their own grace to describes themselves by increasing the beauty of women and girls. Mehndi having great diversity or variety of signs which influence on the personality of kids, girls and women on any occasion. It is now getting popularity in all over the world in the shape of tattoos. But special Arabic mehndi designs are famous in UAE and Asian countries. Women and girls did not care whether it is a Eid festival, marriage parties or any religious festivals you cannot consider a complete girl without mehndi as it is the simple and easy way to make better herself.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Eid Celebration 2015













Putting Artistry in Your Jewelry Store Design

When it comes to eCommerce, it’s easy to just come up with a set of tips and best practices and assume that it applies to your jewelry business site. But as someone in the business, you know it’s more than that. If you want to have a successful online store, you need to treat your site like a piece of art.

Designing for the Eyes

When you’re talking about designing a jewelry site, you’re talking about art.Jewelers are artists who take the time to design their pieces and they love beautiful things. As a testimony to that ethic, ecommerce jewelry sites need to be functional but they must also satisfy the owner’s and customers’ desire for beauty. In some misguided attempts, a lot of websites have turned to Flash, because they equate heavy graphics with more attention. The problem is the site competes with the jewelry; while you get visitors stopping by, you won’t necessarily get the ones who are ready to spend money. Simple, clean elegant design that lets the pieces speak to the customer is a basic need.


Three Things to Consider

When designing your site, color plays a significant role in how visitors interact with your site. Red, for example stimulates the body and the mind while blue had a calming effect, in some research studies, blue streetlights led to reduced crime. When you’re choosing your jewelry website templates, you’ll want colors that bring a sense of excitement, that increase energy, show you as trustworthy while helping users to remain calm and relaxed. Finding the right combination of warm and cool color scheme may take time, research, and testing but once you find the winning combination for your jewelry site, you’ll notice a marked difference in how users interact with your site,good Flash website development company can also help you in getting good website design.


Remember how you felt when you walked into a store that was messy. A store like that doesn’t inspire customer confidence or isn’t seen to be good at providing quality service. Imagine how customers feel when they look at a site that’s also messy and cluttered with too many banners and distracting graphics.If you want to convey that you’re trustworthy, reputable and worth spending money with, keep you navigating simple and easy to follow.


The header of your site is the first things visitors see. You have anywhere between one and three seconds to make a good impression and capture his attention so that he’ll want to know more about you. Your logo needs to be a great representation of your brand and in a few words, you need to tell customers why they should stay and patronize your business. A tagline like “Every Kiss begins with Kay” works because it conveys a feeling in just a few words. Within those few seconds, you’ll need customers to understand that and go deeper.


Unlike many other industries, designing a jewelry website tends to be more about emotion and aesthetics than about shopping carts and code. If you’re able to create a site that uses functionality as a means of conveying artistry, your online jewelry site will stand well above others.

Imran Khan Married with Reham Khan Pictures

Pakistan’s cricketer turned politician Imran Khan got married to former BBC weather girl and anchor person Reham Khan in Bani Gala in Pakistan on Thursday. Their marriage was a low-key affair.

IK said: ‘I am very close to her, she is like my mother. We have decided to hold a small reception tomorrow. There were only a few close friends of Imran Khan present at the occasion





White Elegant Wedding Dresses

We always wants to share you some latest and elegant dresses for wedding. Now a days ladies wants to wear some unique colors and trends for wedding but white color is the most important. So, on one of the most important days of your life, you look and feel sensational. Brides to be want to look fantastic on their wedding day. Here are some beautiful and elegant wedding dresses collection










Lazaro, Ivory tulle bridal ball gown, sweetheart neckline, beaded and embroidered bodice with silk chiffon flower accents, dropped waist, circular tulle skirt, chapel train.






Glamorous, sexy and extravagant, Stella York wedding dress is a perfect complement to a bride’s attitude, style and spirit. Spectacular beading, gorgeous laces and enchanting fabrics, this stunning collection brings dramatic elegance and Australian-inspired sophistication to your special day.


This ivory strapless ball gown wedding dress is made of tulle and completed with chapel train. This ruched Vicenza organza bodice is adorned with spectacular hand sewn floral and beaded motif at the neckline which becomes the perfect complement to the elaborate ball gown skirt caught up with ample embellishments of grand design.




Crafted of the softest, lightest tulle, this bias-cut creation is incredibly versatile – ties that blend into its long skirt can be styled in 15+ ways so that each maid’s personality (and figure!) can shine.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Dresses

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your love to your family in the most extraordinary way. Bring smiles on the faces of your love ones. Spend a romance loaded Valentine’s Day with keep yearning the latest Valentine’s Day celebration ideas. Wear red dress for Valentine’s Day and feel the Valentine spirit for this holiday. Here we present you gorgeous little red dress models that are ideal for Valentine’s Day. Red dress will make you feel sexy and look glamorous. So if you are planning something special for Valentine’s Day you should definitely go with red dress.















Adorable Christmas Bedroom Decorations

Christmas bedroom decorations are on full blast by this time! They make any room happier and really lovely. So if you’re thinking of taking it down after the holidays, these examples might change your mind. Leave it on to get your room into a festive mood all year long. Enjoy!

There are so many comfy ways to choose! Traditional colors for decor are red and green but you can also choose blue with white or silver for a more sophisticated variant. Hang ornaments, garlands, stockings, lights, put a Christmas tree and enjoy the holidays!






There are many different ways they can be incorporated, from draping them over a foot board to adding them into a headboard; they can be placed around a mirror, along the ceiling or even around a window. To create an inviting space, pair string lights with sheer white curtains and hang around the bed. The combination will create a slightly enclosed and super romantic ambiance. There are so many ideas, to get inspired to decorate your own bedroom for the holidays with string lights, take a look through the numerous images in the slideshow. If you love what you have done and it works with your scheme, why not keep them up all year?

Let us know what you think, have you decorated with Christmas lights in your bedroom?