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Henna Mehndi Designs For Eid ul Fitr 2013

Henna Mehndi is the most traditional cultural fashion for ladies in subcontinent such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Henna usually called Mehndi in these countries is used for dye hands, hair, skin etc that gets so splendid colors that attracts everyone. Ladies in Arab and Asian countries use it for special occasion like Marriage, Eid, Birthday Parties, Holi, Diwali and other festivals.

Today we will showcase some of the most splendid henna designs for hands that will help you in your beautification for upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr. Enjoy these simple and elegant hand Mehndi Patterns!















Henna Designs For Hands – Arabic Art

The word Arabic itself describe us that this art belongs to the land of “Arab.” As we know the Arab’s are very artistic with their culture and tradition, the same thing we could see in their art of mehndi designs.

Arabic henna mehndi designs are very beautiful and complete the most part of the hands and legs. In this style we can use different styles of mehndi like Black mehndi is used as outline, fillings with the normal henna mehndi. We can also include sparkles as a final coating to make the henna design more attractive.

Here are few top Arabic Henna designs for hands and palms.



















Valentine’s Day Dresses 2013

In shades of red and pink, these pretty valentines day dresses are just the thing to wear on Valentine’s Day whether you’re celebrating with your boyfriend or best friend.
















Spring Wedding Dresses 2013

Spring Wedding Dresses are most Favorite part of weddings in western countries. These following wedding dresses look Luxurious Due to elegant additions to improve the beauty of Dress. Most important person in the wedding ( bride and Groom ) have huge task to pick Luxury Bridal Dress without crossing the limit of Budget. Brides want perfect Outfit and very caring about color, style and additional work done on the dress.



















Outdoor Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas

An outdoor wedding is great for couples who are nature lovers and for those who simply want to get away from the hurried and enclosed office spaces they spend most of their weeks in. The ceremony and the reception can be held in one area just within a few steps from each other. Outdoor weddings are usually referred to as garden weddings and garden weddings often hint of spring and summer motifs and colors. Here are few outdoor wedding decorations ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding.



















New Years Eve Dresses 2013

Christmas is over now, and ready to plan for New Years Celebrations. If there’s a night that requires sequins, it’s certainly December 31st. We’ve collected favorite sparkly, glitzy and over the top New Year’s Eve dresses that are sure to make your night one to remember!



















Halloween – Be What You Want To Be With

The time of Halloween is near; you can just feel it in the air. The shops decorated with Halloween discount signs and decors just add to the charm of the scary holiday. It is a time for kids to dress like their favorite characters and let loose of reality; whereas adults also get loose and dress up It is a day when nobody can say “you look weird”. From family get together for a night out with the friends, Halloween has it it.

The feast of All Hallows Eve is coming! Prepare to scare and be scared! We’ve got some spooky inspiration for you here: thrill to these select Halloween images we have to share. But beware – even more can be found in Depositphotos special Halloween lightbox (watch out: the prices have been slashed!)

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Henna Mehndi Designs for Hands

Henna is being used from ages to dye hands, skin, hairs and leather etc. It is used to bring color and to design beautiful art. On special occasions like Eid or Marriage, Henna designs are used by ladies to display beautiful art and creativity their hands and feet. It is widely used in Arabic and Asian countries, in most of the Asian world it is also famous for the name Mehndi. We have collected some simple and elegant Mehndi Designs especially for Hands in this post.

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