Windows 8 by Microsoft is coming

While many of the people in the world are still to upgrade to Windows 7, Microsoft went up on its progress and are about to launch Windows 8. According to many news channels and websites, readers and contributors also got some windows screenshots which they said were leaked.

One screen shot which says that the old blue screen of death will be replaced with a new black screen of death.

But Windows 7 is only few months old 17 or something, so whats the hurry with Microsoft? One thing we know that Microsoft usually hides its progress etc. Maybe the hurry is because of tablet compatibility that Microsoft is about to put in. As Microsoft says this Window will run on ARM microchip architecture, the technology that is used to run most of the current world smart phones and tablets.

Well in any case, it would be a blast and hopefully a big success as always things have been with Microsoft who are one of the pioneers of introducing computer in daily human life.

A leaked installation process in screenshots were released on which can be seen here.

Windows 8 Milestone 3 was released to close partners of Microsoft on March 15, 2011, but was kept under heavy security. However, a few screenshots and the default wallpaper screenshots were leaked. The taskbar’s visual appearance has remained the same, however, features like “Switch User” have been added. The boxes that encase the “close, maximize, and minimize” buttons have been removed, leaving just the signs. The Windows Aero Basic theme has been replaced with the “Windows Lite” theme. (wikipedia)

We leave you with two Windows 8 leaked wallpapers. Hope you’l like it.



2 thoughts on “Windows 8 by Microsoft is coming”

  1. Asalamoalikum, Wow But i think windows8 seems like windows 7, maybe little enhancements, but windows 7 not have any secutiries like vista.

  2. ws.
    there will be many enhancements for sure, we don’t use win 7 fully as it runs amazingly on touch screen laptops. And similarly win 8 should run amazingly on hand help smart phones.

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