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Butterfly on Flower

Butterflies are harmless insects commonly found in Grasslands. They spawn from Flowers and Evil Flowers and will slowly flutter around the map, often landing on other flowers when they come across them. At dusk they will return to a nearby flower to hide. Butterflies can be used to plant new Flowers by right-clicking them on the ground. Planting Flowers is useful for creating butterfly farms, or for providing Bees with Flowers to produce Honey faster. This is a very nice way to get a lot of flowers near your bee boxes so that bees don’t have to travel very far for flowers and make honey faster.

Following are beautiful wallpapers of butterfly on flower…..

Butterfly on Flower















Butterfly – The Most Beautiful Insect

The butterfly can be found in most countries in the world, but there tend to be more butterflies in warmer climates. The butterfly is a type of insect that feeds on flower nectar through its long and curled straw-like tongue. Butterflies are similar in appearance and tendencies to moths, with many species of butterfly often getting confused as a moth and moths with butterflies. In general the butterfly species tend to be more brightly colored than the moth species, but there are exceptions.

many butterflies

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