STOCKHOLM – A New Designer Collection of IKEA

The concept of the new collection STOCKHOLM simple and elegant, “Craft as Art.” This means that every detail is carefully thought out, traced and made from the finest materials. Mastery of the subjects of the new collection is noticeable in everything: in pleasing the eye contours and unrivaled facilities, mixed-use decisions, as well as robust and high quality materials. Many details, including blown glass, made by hand.

amazing sofa set

Sofa Sets

That material was the main highlight of the new products STOCKHOLM – walnut, wear-resistant hardwood rich brown, soft leather with a distinctive natural texture, durable and beautiful bone china, blown glass and, of course, delicate textiles in warm colors. Some items of furniture from the previous collections STOCKHOLM were updated and refined.For example, a sofa, first presented in 2006, is now available upholstered in sumptuous velvet or soft leather, preserved, thanks to minimal processing, its natural beauty.

IKEA designers inspired design 50-60-ies of XX century and Scandinavian style. And the colors are dictated by nature itself – the primary colors are various shades of green and brown.

beautiful sofa set

Each of the items in the collection STOCKHOLM has a bright personality and thus blends harmoniously into the existing home environment of almost any style – from antiques to current classics.



Complete Sofa Set


dinning table set


good leather sofa set


Leather Sofa Set


Modern Bed Sets






Sofa Set


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