Really Amazing Civilization in Iran

Really Amazing Civilization in Iran



Kandovan (also spelled Candovan) is a tourist village in the province of East Azarbaijan, near Osku and Tabriz, Iran. Its fame is due to its troglodyte dwellings. Some of the houses are at least 700 years old and are still inhabited. Kandovan is also known for its scenic beauty. A popular resort, it offers hotels and restaurants to serve tourists. Its mineral water is also popular with visitors and is believed to be a cure for kidney disease. source(Wikipedia).

It is a major Iranian Tourist destination as well.

Take a look and share your thoughts on these amazing pictures :)






ancient Kandovan village

ancient Kandovan village

ancient Kandovan village


  1. Kathy

    What village is this?

    • admin

      No idea, just found something very interesting on internet and thought would share. Although I researched a lot after your question, couldn’t find the name or location.

    • faeze
      faeze08-15-2012 is IRAn.this vilage is in TABRIZ city and its name is KANDOVAN.
      I am an IRAINIAN girl.we are kind eopl.we are peacefull and will be very happy to see you in our country.there are many amazing civilization to visit.
      Thanks a lot :*

  2. ibrahim mansour
    ibrahim mansour04-20-2011

    I think man can do everything impossible to possible .

  3. Jalal Hameed Bhatti
    Jalal Hameed Bhatti05-03-2011

    If I am not mistaken, this village is in Iran.

    • admin

      Already searched on internet about if it is in Iran, nop.

  4. i s
    i s05-03-2011

    Actually I think I’ve been here, and if I’m right it’s not Afghanistan, it’s in Turkey and it starts with K I think… that’s all I can remember sorry.

  5. Fred

    Google Cappadocia

    • admin

      wow, thanks man. Guess I would have to modify this post now. thank you again :)

  6. Dan

    It’s Tatooine!?

  7. admin

    You are right. Thanks a lot….

  8. melika

    also we have in IRAN same this civilization,to name Kandovan village & Abianeh.there r very nice

  9. selma

    it’s in turkey. and yes the region is called kapadokya, ürgüp göreme.. these houses are not man made; these are natural formations of volcanic tuff called ‘fairy chimney’. then manking comes and adapts the environment to itself for houses and churches..:)

  10. farzaneh

    this vilage is kandowan…in iran,not in turkey….!!!!!!!!!!!!
    in picture no 11 you see a woman who wears chador…that just iranians women wears this… sure it is kandowan…in iran…corect this post please..!!

    • admin

      Thanks farzaneh, you are right,although the two seems very similar (turkish and iranian) But as it turns out, this one is in Iran. Time to correct the post third time, and hopefully final time :D

  11. FarmVille news
    FarmVille news12-14-2011

    this is simply amazing ….. where ever its is i love it

  12. niloofar

    Tanks for correcting the post…

  13. dilawar khan
    dilawar khan11-07-2012

    nice place like dakhte rustam
    in samangan province of afghanistan

    so nice

  14. ali

    i am iranian. glad to your interests. i hope to you travel here and enjoy more and more. our people have very very good and beauty culture. i invite u to see that proudly. ;)

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