New Year 2012 – Fireworks

The people all over the world ready themselves, celebrate and welcome the New Year 2012.  Fireworks have been popular for over 2,000 years, and have become a festival essential. When the clock announces the New Year, numerous households set off fireworks at almost the same time, creating a thunderous sound. Various multicolored fireworks are also displayed by official organizations. Today fireworks have become an indispensable part of celebrating grand festivals. New Year 2012 will welcome with open arms around the region with varying fantastic fireworks displays from all over the world. Here we are collected some amazing photos of New Year fireworks for you…

If you want to celebrate the New Year in a big, big way, head to one of these famous destinations, famed for their celebrations, fireworks and world-class attractions.









An estimated 250000 people watched an eight-minute firework display at the London Eye every year.









Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong will celebrate the New Year with spectacular firework displays.



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