Beautiful HDR Images of Northern Pakistan

Northers Pakistan is one of the most beautiful and old style places on earth. Most places have no electricity, oil and gas. People live in a peaceful and beautiful manner. There is very less population and zero pollution over there, that is why the beauty is still present in Lakes and Mountains. Below are the images on Naran/Kagan and few of its lakes.
Saif ul Muluk Lake
Lake Saiful Muluk, Naran, Pakistan
Lake Siafulmuluk Opposite side
Lake Saiful Muluk
Kagan, Northern Pakistan
Lulusar Lake

2 thoughts on “Beautiful HDR Images of Northern Pakistan”

  1. I’ve seen these places and these are really heaven on earth. But you missed some more beautiful lakes of northern areas, like Jhulkhad lake, Mancher Lake, Aansoo Lake, Dudipatsar Lake, Payee Lake, Borith Lake etc. These are also really Awesome lakes, you will definitely like these lakes, try to add these pictures too…

  2. Thanks Wijdan, I will try to add them as well, these pictures were taken by myself and my friend actually and then I applied HDR to bring details. I have visited other lakes also and have pictures as well, will post them soon. I haven’t went to Dodipat which I really miss now, hope to go there in future whenever I get to visit Naran again.

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