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Creative Photography | What Grows

Jan Von Holleben is a young and very famous and creative Photographer. At the age of 13, he followed his father’s photographic career by picking up a camera and experimenting with all sorts of “magical tricks”, developing his photographic imagination and skills with friends and family and later honing his technique in commercial settings. Jan von Holleben’s work has been exhibited internationally and published widely throughout the world and have won many awards.

You can check out some of the items he is selling here on his site.

Here are few of his creative photos showing us “What Grows”

funny beard
funny beard

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Justin Bieber Hair Soldout at Staggering Price

Justin Bieber was guest at Ellen DeGeneres Show and he gave her a lock of his hair as a Birthday present. They decided to auction it on ebay and after 98 bids it went for a staggering $40,668. Yes sir, all the money will be given to charity, a Californian animal rights foundation name Gentle Barn Foundation.

justin bieber haircut 2011
By Michael Rozman, Warner Bros.

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