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Awesomely Creative Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion for many, and people do want this to be remembered by themselves and also by those who visited it. But creativity has no full stop when it comes to events and occasions. When we talk about creativity in a wedding event, it can start with the arrangement, stage, food and also wedding envelope designs. Why not creativity in a wedding envelope? It displays your imagination, its a source of inspiration to many and encourages people to come and see if the wedding lives up-to the expectations.

Most of the new wedding invitation envelops are made after meeting couple and collaboration with what their style is. This can also give people a clue of how the event is going to be.

Kiki Hibiscus Wedding Invitation

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Slow Shutter Speed Photography Examples and Technique

Slow shutter speed photography is an art, a classic and easy technique of how to utilize your DSLR camera with creativity. Even though these pictures can be taken by a Digital camera if there is an option of controlling the shutter speed. However a DSLR Camera has always the option to control shutter speed.

The technique behind this type of photography is very simple. First let me tell you about a normal photo, in normal photography, once you press the button to take picture, it takes a split second and two sounds normally come in to hearing; click click, one is for shutter open, other for shutter close. These two sounds have so less time between them that you think mostly its a single sound. However if you go to a shutter mode in camera and then select shutter speed to be lets say 10 seconds, you will see these sounds will be 10 seconds apart; click 10 seconds click. The camera will capture everything happening in those 10 seconds and merge them into a single picture, that’s why you will see light trails on roads and water falls like a smoke/cloud effect.

For this type of photography your camera should be on a tripod or placed somewhere and you should take picture with either a shutter release cable/wireless or with timer, so that the camera doesn’t move when you take a picture.

This is ideal mode, when you are capturing waterfalls, roads at night, night photography and fireworks. Many people use creativity with an LED light as well. If you select shutter speed to lets say 30 seconds and move a light in a patters, like LED on sides of a Car, you will see the end result; an image of car with light stripes on its corners.


Slow Shutter Photos
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Amazing New Year Lights 2013

Different cities celebrate new year in their own unique way, but almost all of them decorate city with lights. This is because that the event is generally at night and along with fireworks, the lights really look stunning. 2013 is at our doorsteps and here we have collected some of the beautiful and amazing new year lights for your inspiration and joy – Enjoy and a Happy New Year 2013!!!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Wondrouspics followers and visitors. Hope this year was good and the next year even better for all of our loved ones. We will continue to provide you with lovely and wondrous images from all over the world hoping that you may like it. Thanks for all the support and Happy Holidays.

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Elegant and Decorated Christmas Wreaths with Lights

Christmas wreaths goes back to pre-Christmas era of Europeans, when they used to decorate doors with Wreaths, hoping it would bring early spring. This was taken into Christmas tradition, particularly  Catholic. Now a days it is a must in every Christian home. People are busy now a days in sending Christmas cards, making delicious tradition foods and decoration houses with elegant and beautiful Christmas Trees. One more main thing to consider in decoration is Christmas wreaths with lights. So here we are to bring you an inspiration and idea for Christmas Wreaths.

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Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages

Christmas is ever so near and people are engaged in messages and wishes to friends and family. Here is a nice collection of Merry Christmas Wishes and Merry Christmas Messages. These can be used as a status update for your FaceBook wall or a tweet in your twitter feed or you can send them as a text message via your cell phone to your friends, family and relatives.

May the good times and treasures of the present
Become the golden memories of tomorrow.
Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness.

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Happy Holidays – Wallpapers

Its holidays season and everyone is busy in shopping, for kids, new clothes with a bundle of amazing sales offers everywhere you go. People are busy in celebrating the holidays in best way they can with their families. Along with preparing for Christmas Tree and Gifts, Happy Holidays cards and Christmas cards are distributed as an old tradition as well, and most of the females are busy learning or preparing to make some amazing Holidays Dishes. Everyone is busy preparing for the Christmas in one way or another.

So that’s the time when bring you Happy Holidays Wallpapers, so that your computer reminds you to get up and start doing some work as well, season’s greetings everyone.

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