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Amazing Landscape Wallpapers

Our Earth provides viewers with the best possible scenery, especially for the true admirers of nature.

There are still too many areas on earth which are not heavily populated and when people see it they want to capture it in their mind. Most people do capture it and here are few pictures showing those amazing landscape pictures collected by few photographers.

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The Tallest and Highest Mountains of the World

Here are a list and pictures of Top Ten Tallest mountains of the world.

All of these nature best and highest mountains are in Himalayas and Karakorum Range of Asia.

Mountain Peak
Everest Himalayas Nepal, Asia 29,035 8,850
K2 Karakoram Pakistan, Asia 28,253 8,612
Kanchenjunga Himalayas Nepal, Asia 28,169 8,586
Lhotse I Himalayas Nepal, Asia 27,920 8,501
Makalu I Himalayas Nepal, Asia 27,765 8,462
Cho Oyu Himalayas Nepal, Asia 26,906 8,201
Dhaulagiri Himalayas Nepal, Asia 26,794 8,167
Manaslu Himalayas Nepal, Asia 26,758 8,156
Nanga Parbat Himalayas Pakistan, Asia 26,658 8,125
Annapurna Himalayas Nepal, Asia 26,545 8,091
Gasherbrum I Karakoram Pakistan, Asia 26,470 8,068
Broad Peak Karakoram Pakistan, Asia 26,400 8,047
Gasherbrum II Karakoram Pakistan, Asia 26,360 8,035
Shisha Pangma Himalayas Tibet, Asia 26,289 8,013
Mount_Everest - author->shrimpo1967 on flickr

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Fascinating Art Work

When it comes to Art and Furniture, an artist Pablo Reinoso likes to do it in a different way.

He is more known perhaps for his wooden long extensions of furniture that looks like spaghetti of some other living old tree in a swamp. What ever he do, the art is a beauty itself and it cannot be neglected.


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